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Seeking Investors for Our Campground and Caravan Park


Are you looking to Invest?

Have you thought about investing into the thriving caravan and camping industry?


Investing in our campground and caravan park offers a unique opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing and resilient sector. Here's why you should consider investing, and how you can get a share of our real estate and business.

Why Invest?

The caravan and camping industry is experiencing a golden era, with caravan and camping trips becoming the most popular holiday type for Australians. The industry, which accounted for 60 million visitor nights last year, is valued at $23 billion and is ripe for new business and innovative products and experiences to enhance the visitor experience.


The challenges of 2020 underscored the importance of the caravan and camping industry, demonstrating its impact on regional communities, local job creation, and the broader tourism sector. As the market grows and evolves, investing in new ideas and encouraging innovation is key to the long-term sustainability of this vibrant sector. The closure of international borders has led to a change in travel movement and behavior, creating new opportunities for domestic travel. With Australians seeking safe, local ways to enjoy their downtime and reconnect, the caravan and camping industry is poised for continued growth and expansion.

How to Get a Share of our Real Estate and Business?

As an investor, you can become part of our campground and caravan park by acquiring a share of the real estate and business operations. Your investment will contribute to the development and improvement of the facilities, leading to better outcomes for the broader market and also new properties . By investing in premium parcels of land with the potential to grow and expand in prime locations, you can secure your share of this thriving industry.


To explore investment opportunities and become part of our thriving campground and caravan park, we invite you to express your interest and receive updates.

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Be The Exception

Opportunity's for New Investors & Blue Collar Investors

Join Our Vision to Expand and Compete with "BIG4" Holiday Parks

At Hidden Camp, we recognize the importance of blue collar investors in driving our ambitious growth plans and positioning us as a formidable competitor in the caravan and camping industry.


Here's why blue collar investors should partner with us in our quest to obtain more land and become a major player in the holiday park and campground market:

Shared Values and Work Ethic

Our vision aligns with the values and work ethic of blue collar investors who understand the dedication and hard work required to achieve success. By joining forces with us, you will contribute to the growth of a business that embodies the spirit of determination, resilience, and commitment to excellence.

Community Impact and Job Creation

Investing in our campground business means investing in local communities and creating job opportunities for hardworking individuals. We are dedicated to fostering economic growth and local employment, and your investment will directly support our efforts to strengthen the communities in which we operate.

Accessible Investment Opportunities

We offer accessible investment opportunities that cater to blue collar investors who seek to be part of a growing business venture. Whether through direct investment or other creative ownership structures, we provide avenues for blue collar investors to participate in our growth while sharing in the rewards of our success.

Strategic Expansion Goals

With your support, we will pursue strategic land acquisitions and developments that will elevate our status as a major competitor of "BIG4" holiday parks and other prominent caravan parks and campgrounds. Your investment will fuel our growth and enable us to expand our footprint in key locations, offering a compelling alternative to discerning travelers and holidaymakers.


Become a Part of Something Bigger

By investing in our vision, you become an integral part of our journey to challenge industry norms and make a lasting impact in the caravan and camping sector.


Together, we will build a legacy of excellence, innovation, and inclusivity that sets new standards for holiday park experiences.


We invite you to explore the investment opportunities available and join us in our pursuit of growth and success.


Contact us today to learn more about how you can be a part of our mission to compete with the "BIG4" and establish our campground business as a leading force in the industry.


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